Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Online giving...

If you are interested in supporting my trip you can give online! Please follow these few steps:

1. Go to http://www.fellowshipnashville.org/contact/online-giving/

2. Click on the first link, which says “create a web user account” (You have to do this to give online through my church, but it will only be used to do a one time gift and confirm that with an email receipt, they won’t email you anything else through it!)

3. Either sign in if you have an account or click “Create and account” on the right and follow the few easy steps.

4. Fill in the amount you’d like to give and how, then select “Missions Trips” and “Crane-Uganda” from the drop down menus, and then fill in the rest and click “Schedule New Contribution”

5. You are done! Thanks so very much for your support of my journey! Please send along a photo by snail mail or email of you/your family, that I might pray for you while I am preparing and go!

peace and joy,

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