Thursday, February 24, 2011

Over the last three days, I have watched a heart break. The heart of a little boy who wonders as he watches his friends prepare for meeting their Mommy and Daddy, “Where are my Mommy and Daddy? When do I get a family?” To watch as he thinks, “Maybe if I’m a little cuter and as long as I’m good, surely then someone will want me.” I watch as he puts up walls to try to defend against hearing the words “Mommy and Daddy” from his friend’s mouth who will be meeting his family soon…and then I watch as those walls crumble and the tears come rolling down. And for some special reason, the Lord has given me the privilege to get to love on this precious little as his heart breaks. And my own heart breaks with his. For some reason, He has me here to pray with this precious, tender-hearted child and to sing over him and just carry him to Jesus. It’s the only place I know to take him…before the throne of the One who is the Father to the fatherless and who places the lonely in families. And so I come to Him with a broken hearted boy held by a broken hearted girl, both children of the King, crying out to our Abba Daddy, for comfort and healing and for promises to be fulfilled, that He does not leave us as orphans.

And so I ask you to cry out to our Abba Daddy for us tonight. Especially for my sweet little friend. And to ask you to pray about adoption…if you’ve ever thought of it, or if you’ve never, just pray about it…because I think there are probably a lot of other broken hearts around the world tonight. May He be real to them.


Alice said...

My heart is breaking with you and this precious little child. What a blessing that the Lord does have you there to walk through this with this little boy and be a prayer warrior with such a sweet and tender heart. I am ever praying for you and for the sweet children you are working with, and someday, I do hope to give a home and a Mommy and Daddy to a precious child...or children...whose hearts long for that.

Love you, sweet friend.

Kelsey said...

Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your heart and also calling us to action as well. I am praying for you and for the ones the Lord is blessing with your love (and His). What a picture it is of you--a broken hearted daughter of the King--to be holding a broken-hearted little boy. Please keep sharing!! Love you.