Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where in the world...?

Where am I going? The basics: I'm going to Uganda. Winston Chrurchill nicknamed it "the pearl of Africa" for its amazing beauty. It is in East Africa, surrounded by Kenya to the east, Sudan to the north, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, and Rwanda, Tanzania, and Lake Victoria to the south...see:

More specifically...I will spend my first three months in Jinja, Uganda at Amani Baby Cottage. Jinja is on both the Nile River and Lake Victoria...aka, I will see both of those very soon!!! It is in southern Uganda. I will be spending my days volunteering at Amani Baby Cottage and hopefully connecting with a number of other ministries there!

I will then travel to Kampala, Uganda...the capital of the pearl of Africa! I will serve with Watoto Childcare Ministries at their Baby Home in Kampala, the Bulrushes. Their ministry is pretty stinkin' awesome from what I hear and see...this video conveys their heart and captures mine...

*If this video does not work, you can view it here as well

This is where I am on my way to...all glory to Him! Let me know if you have any questions or anything! The journey is about to begin...

so much love and joy to you!