Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter, uganda style

Easter was a beautiful joy to celebrate here.  It didn't quite feel like Easter, but it was.  And with that, it was a sweet time of refreshment and remembrance.   To remember what Jesus did for me...that God did not spare His own Son...this has hit me afresh.  I would not send any of my family members to die for the world.  And yet God sent His one and only child, His beloved Son, to die for me, and all my messiness, and for all of us.  He gave His all.  He gave His heart, His flesh and blood.  How can I not respond with all I am?  He has refreshed me in my being here, in wherever I find myself, it is a joy and privilege to respond with ALL of me to all of Him.  I give all of myself, all my whining and grumbling, all my sin and laziness, all my attempts at control and the ways I don't fully trust my Jesus, and I get in exchange life, and life abundant, joy, peace, beauty, rest, wisdom, provision, purpose, and so much more.  What a beautiful exchange!  OUR GOD IS SO GOOD!

Some of the highlights of Easter here:
  • easter egg hunt with the preschool and Aubie the Traveling Tiger (picture to come hopefully)
  • Good Friday service under the trees at Acacia
  • Easter lunch overlooking the Nile River with my two favorite families in Jinja, the Gibsons and the Ives
  • Getting to be a witness of Rachel's baptism in the Nile
It was a beautiful remembrance of our Risen Savior!

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