Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slight change of plans

So there’s been a slight change of plans for my time here in Uganda and I just wanted to let you all know. Due to some crazy riots in Kampala and the likelihood of more of them to come in the next few weeks, I made the decision to delay my heading to Watoto for a bit and I am working with an organization called Ekisa in Jinja. Ekisa is a home for children with special needs and it is run by some of my good friends here. I was always planning to have a bit of extra time at the end of my trip to work with an org I found while over here or to extend time with one I loved, so I am just using that time now rather than on the end of my journey. I am helping Ekisa with a bunch of different things, though the main focus will be administrative help and organizing paperwork/closets/etc. I enjoy all of those and am really excited to be able to help in practical ways here. I also may be helping some with my friend Kelsey and the malaria project! More to come, but life rolls on with me still in Jinja and monitoring the situation in Kampala for now.

Peace and joy from here to there,



suzanne said...

I am so proud of you!! reading your words just makes my heart swell!! I will continue to lift you up. your sister is co
ing to help me on Thursday so I can take Josie for speech therapy testing. looking forward to seeing her because she is a little piece of you!! I love you sister!

Sarah said...

That makes my heart so happy! Love you so! Absolutely cannot wait til you are here!!!

Lauren said...

Wow SCrane, that is such a situation but the orphanage will be SO lucky to have you!!! Love you so much!!